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Digital Arts Expo 2017
Application Form
installations | electronic performances | theater portfolios | projections | films | artist talks | experience design

Accepting submissions from all digital artists. Students, alumni, and community members* welcome!

Location: California Institute of the Arts
Date: May 4, 2017


*non-CalArtians are encouraged to submit, but must be able to attend the Expo if accepted
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Applicant's First Name *
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Applicant's Last Name *
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Applicant's Email Address *
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Applicant's Phone Number *
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Applicant's Current Year *
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Applicant's M├ętier *
e.g., experimental animation, music technology, graphic design.
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Project Title *
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List all collaborator(s) on this project including email and metier
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Project Description *
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Project Links
Please provide a direct link(s) demonstrating the proposed project. Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud (or similar services) should be used for media content. For PDFs, submit your link using a service such as WeTransfer.com (you can send the PDF to yourself and paste the link here).
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Technical Requirements *
Participants are expected to provide their own technical support for their projects. Please let us know your technical requirements and how you plan on meeting them (e.g. projector, speaker, headphones, power).
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Sound/Projection *
Please specify your sound and/or projection requirements.
Spatial Requirements *
How much space does your project require? E.g., 1/2 of a table; 2ft. X 4ft. on the floor, etc.
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Does Your Project Involve Live Performer(s)? *
Is Your Project a Film/Short? *
We are actively looking for films/shorts to play in venues.
Is Your Project an Installation? *
Installations will be shown for the entire event.
Please Specify Duration (Only for Non-Installation Projects).*
Films and Compositions must not Exceed 5 Minutes.
Does your project require a dark and/or quiet space? *
If your project needs sound isolation or darkness to be experienced, please let us know so we can do our best to accommodate you.
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Does your project need to be hung from the ceiling or wall? *
If so, please explain your installation requirements.
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